Today, many people go online looking for local products and services. Can they find your local business online? There were over 17 million Australian Internet users as of August 2009 – 80 per cent of the population (according to Nielsen). Around 73 per cent of Australian mobile internet users search online using their mobile phones now, compared with 30 per cent a year ago.

Many businesses in Australia want their business to be findable online. Especially on the front page of Google with keywords relating to their business and locality, because Google has 87.87% of the Australian search volume (according to August 2010 figures from Hitwise).

Search engine optimization (SEO) assists in improving the ranking of a website in the natural or un-paid organic search engine results, which is different to search engine marketing (SEM), which focuses on paid inclusion. Find Business Online uses SEO to create search engine friendly websites.

To have potential customers find your business online on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you need an effective website. And that can cost you a lot of money. What is the use of a website that isn’t easily findable online as you want – it’s a waste of money. Find Business Online is a very cost effective way of having your business findable online the way you want.

Find Business Online also builds unique websites to your direction. That means you get a website the way you want it to look. If we cannot get your business findable online on Google, the way you want, you don’t pay us anything – not one cent.

Many businesses in Australia want their business to be findable online.

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